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How Important Is Early Detection? Shauna M. Birdsall, ND, Naturopathic Medicine, answered on behalf of Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) Early detection of cancer greatly increases the chances for effective treatment. Two major components of early detection...

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Signs & Symptoms Prostate Cancer

In most cases prostate cancer symptoms are not apparent in the early stages of the disease. The symptoms of prostate cancer may be different for each man and any one of these symptoms may be caused by other conditions. As a result, routine screenings in the form of...

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What factors contribute to cancer health disparities?

Complex and interrelated factors contribute to the observed disparities in cancer incidence and death among racial, ethnic, and under-served groups. The most obvious factors are associated with a lack of health care coverage and low socioeconomic status (SES). SES is...

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Our goal is to raise enough funding where we can tell cancer patients…

“if you can take care of your health, we’ll take care of the rest.”



Who We Help

We know cancer research is vital in our society today given the up tic of newly diagnosed cancer patients annually, however resources for those same cancer patients, their families, and their finances are seriously overlooked and under-funded.