09 Jun

Race 4 Resources

6K Run/Walk

The race will begin at: 11051 W. Jefferson (River Rouge Memorial Park)

Sign up by May 26th for the individual or team discount. Also see Sponsorship OpportunitiesCancer Awareness and Resource Network is hosting its inaugural “Colors of Cancer Race 4 Resources”. This “Colors of Cancer Race 4 Resources” charity run/walk is designed to raise the necessary dollars to assist cancer fighters and their families across the State of Michigan while putting the spotlight on cancer of all types and their colors in a robust and inclusive way. We all know the work many do when it comes to cancer research in general and breast cancer specially, which is a great and noble work.  However, we also know if we only focus in on one cancer segment, we unfortunately leave out so many great people who have contributed to our lives and who have also battled cancer, people like; Peter Jennings, Walt Disney and Paul Newman battled (lung cancer, the color is white), Bob Marley (melanoma, the color is black), Eartha Kitt (colon, the color is royal blue), Farrah Fawcett (anal, the color is purple), Ed Bradley (leukemia, the color is orange), Patrick Swayze (pancreatic, the color is purple), John Kerry (prostate, the color is powder blue) not to mention our own family and friends.

Research show there are so many families that become destitute when cancer strikes their homes for if no other reason, the high cost of care, whether its chemotherapy, radiation, the cost of medicine or the loss of a job. This Colors of Cancer Race 4 Resources is designed to help bridge the gap. When you register for the Colors of Cancer Race 4 Resources, you will support cancer fighters of all types.


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Online bookings are not available for this event.

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