Grant Application

Please provide your response to each of the questions shown below. Applicants will be grouped in threes, on May 26, 2018, the organization with the highest amount of paid registered participants for the CARN RACE 4 RESOURCES with 65 registrants being a minimum number to win will be awarded the $1000.00 (if there is a tie, the organization that comes closest to the number you listed above, that you would recruit, wins). The $1000.00 will be awarded in form of a check to your organization.




    If NO, please note each participant should denote the cancer they want to represent.

    *Please see the rules for the grant distribution schedule

    Our goal is to raise enough funding where we can tell cancer patients…

    “if you can take care of your health, we’ll take care of the rest.”



    Who We Help

    We know cancer research is vital in our society today given the up tic of newly diagnosed cancer patients annually, however resources for those same cancer patients, their families, and their finances are seriously overlooked and under-funded.