Have you ever encountered something so devastating that it shook your entire world? Something so distressing, your life changed drastically in a moment’s notice. I was compelled to write this book to share my experience and to acknowledge God as the source of all healing and power. It is my hope that my story will serve as encouragement for others to remain in faith when the odds are stacked against you. Remember, storms never last forever. You must stay strong, never give up, and see yourself on the other side of the storm!

“Longing to be on the Other Side of the Storm is gripping must-read for anyone facing a challenge or those who may face one in the future…it’s for everybody.” Catherine Eagan, International Speaker, Author, and Financial Expert

“This book about Connie’s journey from being in great health to being diagnosed with a serious medical condition to nursing herself back to good health is one of strength, resilience, love of family and friends and above all, her deep faith in God. I wish her all the best and continued blessings of good health.”    Jyothi Kadambi, MD