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Cancer Awareness and Resource Network (CARN) is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization that provide resources by way of: financial, emotional, spiritual, and nutritional for cancer fighters, survivors, and caregivers of all cancer types.

Mission Statement

Cancer Awareness and Resource Network’s mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of communities with a concentration on families who’ve been diagnosed with cancer through awareness, services, and empowerment.

Our Goal

  • Bring a greater awareness to a greater population of people, the seriousness of cancer in general and the effect it has on the entire family.
  • Bring a greater awareness of the Colors of Cancer.
  • Before July 2018, raise the necessary funds to launch our cable and streaming TV show “For The Health Of It”, where we will connect cancer Fighters, Survivors, Caregivers, Doctors, Oncologist, Researchers etc. to provide knowledge and support to our listening and viewing audience.
  • Before December 2018, to establish the “Annette’s Boutique” to help support cancer fighters while in their battle.

    Two things we know, many families become destitute when cancer strike their homes, mostly due to the high cost of care: whether its chemotherapy, radiation, cost of medicine or the loss of employment. The other is, when taking chemotherapy and/or after having surgery you tend to lose a lot of weight rapidly and so often you can’t afford the expense of buying new clothing. One of the purposes of “Annette’s Boutique” is to be that clothing resource while going through that process.

  • Before June 2019, raise the necessary funds to build and maintain an Urban Garden where cancer fighters will receive organic produce for free.
  • Establish a resource center, helping cancer fighters and their families navigate through this difficult period to find the necessary resources needed while on this journey.

Our motto: “Cancer doesn’t discriminate…so we won’t either”

Our goal is to raise enough funding where we can tell cancer patients…

“if you can take care of your health, we’ll take care of the rest.”



Who We Help

We know cancer research is vital in our society today given the up tic of newly diagnosed cancer patients annually, however resources for those same cancer patients, their families, and their finances are seriously overlooked and under-funded.