• Brandi M. White

Brandi Marie White serves as the Secondary Transition Specialist at River Rouge High School. She completed her Masters degree in Educational Leadership from Eastern Michigan University in 2013. Currently, Brandi works with high school students in the Metro Detroit area providing essential support and resources to students. She does this through multiple avenues, which include: Course Counseling and advising, tutoring and mentoring, financial aid planning, and forming strategic partnerships to aid successful transition from high school to college.

Ms. White is also the CEO of The Elite Project, started in 2012. The goal of the Project is to prepare high school seniors ladies for college through action planning activities, community service projects, and developing academic and professional skills. Proudly, The Elite Project awarded five scholarships ranging from $500-$1,500 this year.  Additionally, Brandi is a native of the Metro Detroit area and enjoys exploring the city, trying new restaurants, and venues. She enjoys reading, exercising, traveling.

When cancer touched Brandi’s family personally she didn’t stick her head in the sand, she stepped up with that same type of energy and vigor she pours into her other projects and delivers big over and over with Cancer Awareness and Resource Network.