• Jacquelyn Smith
  • Leadership Team

Jacquelyn has devoted her professional life to helping others.  She has worked in the Human Services/Criminal Justice Field for over 20 years.  She has devoted her time and applied her psycho-social knowledge towards promoting organizational growth and advocating for others.

In a day and time such as this, it is more important than ever to position yourself for greatness and stand for a cause.  In addition to her desire to do the Lord’s will, she has an everlasting love for family and friends to which many of whom have fallen victim to the deadly disease called cancer.

From the moment she was informed of the inception of Cancer Awareness and Resource Network and the good work they vow to perform, she unequivocally said, YES! “Yes I’m in. what can I do to help this organization in an effort to inform those who don’t know, encourage those who do, and advocate for those who can’t?”

So, in an effort to help others fight a disease that has no boundaries, Jacquelyn is now devoting her time, energy and love to Cancer Awareness Resource Network.