• Karen D. Moore
  • Board of Directors

Karen D. Moore is a charter member of Cancer Awareness and Resource Network.  She has always had a heart for community service. “When people are struggling in various areas of their life and you can make a difference, I believe you should”. Currently Karen is a member of the United Communities of America, in the “Thou Shall not Kill” movement, a group that targets reducing violent crime in Detroit through; intervention, community involvement, and life enhancing strategies.  She’s a founding member of Getting It Right in the Lord (G.I.R.L.) which was established to allow women of all ages, races and walks of life to have a safe and nonjudgmental place to share their experiences free of criticism. She is a member of the Holy Counsel of Women for Always in His Presence Christian Ministries, assisting at risk and expecting young women. The goal is to build up, inspire, and encourage them to know “life is like a puzzle, while you’ve put a few pieces on the board you have so many more to add to make it complete”. Karen feels like this experience allows her to learn just as much as she teaches. “When you give young women the liberty to express themselves in an environment where they can be heard they will open up like the beautiful flowers most of them are”.

Sometimes Karen is described as a superwoman because she’s done all of that while maintaining a full time job, a household as a wife, a mother of three all while she’s growing an interior decorating business, currently with more than a half dozen repeat clients.

Karen joined Cancer Awareness and Resource Network with a commitment to improving the lives of people who have been diagnosed with cancer in any way she can. “I believe this is not work but it’s a reasonable service everyone should give”.