• Keith G. White
  • Board of Directors

As a man thinketh…so is he~Proverbs: 23:7

Before the “Cancer Awareness and Resource Network” was founded, Keith G. White’s life work has always been about helping people.  Weather it was working in the Labor Union Movement for 30 plus years starting as a laborer in the field rising to the CFO, working as an insurance broker, serving as a Minister of the Gospel and now as an advocate for those who have been diagnosed with cancer and their caregivers.

In 2014 Mr. White began his request to bring a greater awareness to greater population of people, the signs and symptoms, the test and triumphs of cancer. “Most people never stand up, speak up or even step out of their comfort zone for a cause of any kind unless it affects them personally, and I’m no different. Today cancer has affected my life in a way that has changed it forever and to that end cancer awareness, building resources, advocating for those who can’t advocate for themselves and motivating people to rise their personal bar of success has become my life’s mission.”

Keith believes “if we think greater, we can achieve greater” and that’s why his powerful motivational conversations include:   “Seize the moment”, “What is your why”, “Greater is in you” and “I am because you are.”

With a background in finance and politics Mr. White has successfully merged the concept of “You Can Win” to motivate people to think better and then do better.