• Pamela Billings

“I AM A SURVIVOR!” Pamela Billings, married and the mother of two sons and the grandmother of two granddaughters is a SURVIVOR and proud of it. After retiring from General Motors Pamela was looking for something to do to help others who had been dealing with cancer. Whether they’ve been diagnosed and battling or have battled and are now in the elite group called survivor Pamela knew she had something to give. “I know what it’s like to have a loving support system to help you through the process but I also know what it can feel like if you don’t. I’m a survivor and I don’t take that lightly because I know many people including members of my own family who didn’t make it”. Pamela’s sister invited her to a Cancer Awareness and Resource Network meeting one day and she’s been a part ever since. “I look forward to accomplishing BIG things with this organization”.